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  • I have been a paralegal for over 32 years and worked as Lisa’s paralegal for over 7 years. I have personally seen the passion and commitment she puts into each and every one of her cases. EVERY client receives her complete attention and her cell phone number. Her tenacity and drive to get her client’s the best and fairest results are amazing. Lisa will research and leave no stone unturned to find the case law necessary to win her client’s case. While she is a great negotiator, she will stand up against other attorneys and has no fear of the courtroom. Her successful results for her clients are amazing! One of Lisa’s truly unique practices is her quick response to her clients’ phone calls and e-mails — at all hours — a rarity in the law field. It has been a privilege and an honor to work with her and I feel blessed to know. I highly recommend Lisa B. Rudolph to anyone with a family law need!


  • My situation is very complicated. I had an attorney who wasn’t getting much done on my case. Then Ms. Rudolph became my lawyer. What I had been trying to get done by other attorneys, she jumped right in and made it happen. She put her heart into my case and was ALWAYS available to answer my calls. I am so grateful for running into this woman. What she has done and what she is still going to do for me is monumental. The most important part of my life, she has helped me make right again. And I’m truly blessed for her sincere dedication.


  • One of the hardest things I ever had to go through was having my own daughter kept from me by the Mother. I put the future of my relationship with my daughter in Lisa Rudolph‘s hands, and I thank God that I did. Lisa was so diligent with every little detail, even with things I had not thought of myself. After business hours when most attorneys were “clocked out,” I would get emails or phone calls, because Lisa was working on my case! I was incredibly satisfied with the results! Now I can hold my daughter in my arms and know that it is all behind us. When it comes to standing up for your rights and getting you the best possible outcome, Lisa is without a doubt the real deal. I would highly recommend this attorney to anyone. However, you better hope and pray the other side doesn’t get her first!


  • Around September 2015, a year after I began the most challenging time of my life due to some post-concussive symptoms, I spoke with you for the first time. At that point, I had been holding divorce papers for the prior few months and the proposed settlement agreement was far. I mean FAR from beneficial for me. I was literally like a deer in the headlights awaiting to be run over by a semi. It was nowhere near an equal agreement and was clearly an attempt for a quick and one-sided arrangement which ultimately would not have benefited myself nor our two children. You immediately called the other party out on this ridiculous attempt to erroneously rush a divorce proceeding during the middle of my medical challenges. Dealing with me as a client, who was not even himself during this period, was challenging for you to say the least. But Lisa Rudolph‘s patience and experience were apparent from day one. The business relationship began with me holding on for dear life on a runaway train but as soon as we connected, you wasted no time taking over the driver’s seat. I am very thankful you did and very appreciative of all your persistence and committed dedication in doing what not only was in my best interest but also the best interest of my two young sons. I strongly feel that your experience as a mom and understanding how important this was for me as a father, was huge — HUGE for the outcome that we achieved. You were always up-front, honest, and when something was unknown, you didn’t try to lie your way through it. Your persistent commitment, honesty and sincerity were the primary reasons I knew I had the right attorney on my side.
    As I share the end result with my male and female friends, who have also gone through this very painful situation of a divorce, all agree that I was definitely represented well and achieved my overall objectives to: (1) not become confined to a “weekend Dad” role and (2) to have my earnings protected in the best possible way so that I am not overpaying the child support amount. With that being said, I am fully confident that your knowledge of the process and the nuances of every county you service, would make you an excellent attorney for either party of a divorce case or unrelated litigation.


  • Just yesterday I was in — county for a divorce that dragged on for nearly two years. The hearing alone lasted eight hours and was completed the next day! My attorney, Lisa Rudolph, not only stuck with me and fought for me through this ordeal, but also prevailed. Through the whole process, she worked to extricate documents from my now ex. And when we came to the final hearing, Lisa was able to demonstrate to the judge how my ex dragged the process out, didn’t produce documents and lied. Citing previous cases, Lisa showed the judge that he should cause my ex to pay my legal fees of $30,000. And he agreed. My ex will pay my lawyer. Ms. Rudolph turned a terrible situation with an uncooperative opponent into the BEST outcome possible. Thanks again Lisa. Really, thanks Lisa, I owe you one, and I don’t mean fees either!

    L. L.

  • I am so grateful to my attorney Lisa Rudolph for guiding me through my successful custody case. She made the entire process easy and as painless as it could be. She held my hand and walked me through every bit. As with any settlement, it’s very overwhelming and uncomfortable but with Lisa Rudolph as my lawyer, she completely exceeded my expectations. I never once felt that she was dragging it on and there was never an email or phone call not answered. I am profoundly grateful to Lisa and would STRONGLY recommend her to anyone. Hands down, the most compassionate, accurate and honest attorney around!

    M. L.

  • It has been a long and bumpy road in court with my daughter in regard to temporary custody of my granddaughter while my daughter gets her life back in order. I was trying to handle this without an attorney but found that it was way too much for me to handle on my own. After hiring Lisa B. Rudolph, the burden has been lifted off my shoulders. Lisa Rudolph took it on with a professional attitude and accomplished in a short time what I had been trying to do in over two years. It has been a pleasure working with Ms. Rudolph. One footnote is (Ms. Rudolph is one of only a few attorneys whom I have ever used, who will return your phone call the day you try to contact her).

    G. W.

  • My case was a very sensitive case. I was a former drug addict and hadn’t seen my son in nearly five years. With my background, it is embarrassing to talk about it at times. Lisa still welcomed me. Talk about passion; the way Lisa jumped on my case and believed in me! Most attorneys take your money, do some paperwork and that’s it. Lisa went above and beyond for me. I am now seeing my son on every other weekend and building that relationship. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Lisa Rudolph, an attorney who really cares.

    C. A.

  • No one really plans to or plans on being in a divorce situation in their marriage. The process is never easy especially if it is contested. Lisa Rudolph came highly recommended by a good friend. She was very professional and assertive. She handled my divorce with the personal attention it needed. I am very grateful to Ms. Rudolph and recommend her to anyone in need of her services.

    G. S.

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