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Parenting Time & Visitation

Representing Clients With Child Parenting Time And Visitation Issues In Atlanta Metro Area

What Are Your Child’s Best Interests?

If you have children, one of the most important parts of your divorce agreement will be your parenting time and visitation agreement. Developing a viable parenting plan is critical, as it will govern much of your parental rights, your time with your children and your interaction with your former spouse.

Never Married?

It is important to remember that obligations and rights to your children attach whether or not you were married. An unmarried father’s rights to see his child may require a paternity test, as will a mother’s rights to child support. Our attorney has years of experience dealing with these issues for clients, and she can explain the law, file the documents and represent you in court should that be necessary.

There Is No “One Size Fits All” Parenting Plan

Sometimes, our clients may believe that because someone they knew received a certain type of parenting plan, they too should be able to obtain a similar plan. The truth is, every parenting time determination and every parenting plan is different and unique. Your facts may be similar but not identical to those of a friend or relative. That means your parenting plan will be different.

Because of our lawyer’s 34 years of experience with child parenting time matters, our firm can advise you of the most likely arrangement, and help you negotiate with your child’s other parent to create a parenting plan that will work for you and your child.

Litigation Is Never A First Resort

But sometimes it is necessary. An advantage of having a deeply experienced attorney is that we have worked with thousands of clients and dealt with many attorneys on the other side. We can provide the guidance you want when deciding how to respond to the other side’s unreasonable demands.

Your former spouse may be full of bluster to begin, but escalating these situations rarely benefits anyone. Developing a resolution and parenting plan that fits your unique circumstance and that will work with the life you and your child’s other parent lead is important. You want to avoid leaving the decision up to the judge because they have a great many cases and yours is just one of dozens they may hear in a week.

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