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Divorce Is A Process

For many people, divorce is a difficult, painful process. You are dissolving a bond with someone you may have promised to love ’til death do you part.’ No one ever plans on winding up divorced.

You may feel betrayed or taken advantage of. Or, perhaps after 30 years, your children have left, and you are now living with someone you barely know anymore. No matter the reason for the divorce, the process is the same, even if every divorce is different.

You Want An Experienced Guide

Your attorney is your guide. Often, because of your emotional state, your ability to see facts clearly may be impaired. Our attorney, Lisa Rudolph, has worked with thousands of clients over her 34 years of family law practice, and she understands your feelings and emotions.

Our Lawyer Knows The Divorce Process In Georgia

The process can be overwhelming. You must deal with your emotions and also make reasoned judgments on many elements of your divorce agreement, especially the property division and spousal support issues.

Your financial welfare may depend on doing this correctly, and it is important to have an attorney who has handled these calculations many times. Our firm can help ensure your settlement is fair and equitable and is ready to fight to see that happen.

Our firm can explain the legal elements of the process, including:

  • Divorce
  • Property division
  • Spousal support
  • Military divorce
  • Father’s rights
  • Same-sex divorce
  • Grandparent’s rights

During your divorce you may also have to address issues of child support and parenting time with your child(ren), and our attorney can help you with these issues as well.

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