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The Role of Probate In Florida

Trying to go through the probate process while grieving a loved one can be overwhelming. There are many steps to take, and you may also face tough situations with your loved one's friends and family along the way.

In most cases, when your loved one passes away, the estate will go through probate. Florida uses probate to settle an estate. During probate, the court supervises the transfer of the estate to the people and organizations entitled to those assets, either by will or as mandated by Florida probate law.

It is essential to talk to a skilled probate attorney as you go through probate. The Law Offices of Lisa B. Rudolph, P.A., can help you learn more about what is to come and what steps to take to honor your loved one's last requests.

What Does the Personal Representative Do?

If there is not a valid will, your case will be assigned a judge who will appoint a personal representative. The personal representative is responsible for several tasks, including:

  • Paying estate taxes
  • Filing tax returns
  • Distributing assets according to the will or by intestate laws
  • Paying off the estate's debts

The personal representative has an important job in managing the estate, and there are many details to coordinate. Having the support of an experienced lawyer can give you both guidance and peace of mind during this difficult time.

Some Assets Can Avoid Probate

There are some circumstances where the state of Florida does not require an estate or certain assets to go through probate. Assets that can avoid this process, include:

  • Property in certain trusts
  • Enhanced life estates
  • Certain assets and accounts with a designated beneficiary

Unlike a will that, as a whole, identifies multiple recipients for a variety of assets, these tend to have a clear and specific beneficiary, so there is no need for the court to get involved in their distribution.

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