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Our experience allows our firm to know what works for your family law issues

Divorce Is A Process

For many people divorce is a difficult, painful process. You may feel betrayed, taken advantage of, or you may have just grown apart. No matter what the reason for the separation, our firm is able to help you adjust to your new beginning by protecting your legal rights.

There Is No "One Size Fits All" Divorce

Clients may believe that because someone they knew received a certain type of financial settlement and/or parenting plan, they too should be able to receive the same. The truth is, every case is different and the circumstances for each case are unique. The facts of your case may be similar, but they are not identical.

You Want An Experienced Guide

Your attorney is your guide. Often, because of your emotional state, your ability to see facts clearly may be impaired. Lisa Rudolph has worked with many clients over her 30+ years in the practice of family law, so she brings to the table not only her experience, but also respects your feelings and emotions.

Our Law Firm Knows The Divorce Process

The process can be overwhelming. You have to deal with your emotions and also make reasoned judgments on many elements of your divorce agreement.

Your financial welfare may depend on doing this correctly, and it is important to have an attorney who has handled these calculations many times. Our firm can help ensure your settlement is fair and equitable and is ready to fight to see that happen.

Our firm can explain the legal elements of the process, including:

  • Divorce
  • Timesharing & parental responsibility
  • Child support
  • Property division
  • Spousal support
  • Modification
  • Contempt
  • Paternity/Legitimation
  • Grandparents' rights
  • Military divorce
  • Adoption
  • Same-sex divorce/union

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